Demco Gate Valves


Demco Gate valves, the premier gate valve in the oil and gas drilling market, are specifically engineered for the rigorous requirements of oilfield applications. Designed for dependable, heavy-duty performance in abrasive service conditions, Demco gate valves are commonly selected for a number of oilfield applications, including

  • drilling standpipe manifold

  • pump manifold block valves

  • high-pressure mud mixing lines

  • high-pressure drilling system block valves.

Demco gate valves are available in 5,000-psi gauge pressure and 7,500-psi gauge.




Inline field repairability

  • The bonnet is easily removed for internal parts inspection, replacement, or both without removing the valve from the line.This design simplicity permits fast and easy service without the need for special tools.

Flexible trim offerings

  • Optional materials for stems, gates, seat inserts, and seat elastomers make it easier to trim valves for a wide range of service conditions.

Exclusive seats design for drop-tight sealing

  • Demco gate valve seats use an unique design to provide a drop-tight shutoff in abrasive and erosive service.

Seat seal options

  • Buna-N (nitrile) is excellent for petroleum oil and gase industry.


  • All gate-style DEMCO valves are hydrostatically tested; stem seal, body, and seat are inspected for zero leakage under pressure before being released for shipment.


    • Demco Gate Valves are specifically used in high-pressure mud applications and other corrosive services.
    • We can offer the spares of these valves, which are Seats, Gates, Stem, Screw etc. Demco Gate Valve Seats are designed for tight shut off after exposure to abrasion and erosion.