Hammer Union

Hammer Union :

We offer a complete range of hammer unions in standard and sour services. The size offered are from 1” to 10” upto 20000 PSI working pressure. These Hammer unions are available in both threaded (LPT) and butt welded Connections. Our unions are interchangeable with WECO and other manufacturers as per the industry standards.

These unions are manufactured with latest techniques with convenient material suitable for specific pressure rating and service. Our products are satisfactorily passed our quality control procedures. It has been calibrated and fully tested.



Material Physical Testing :

  1. Yield test

  2. Tensile test
  3. Chemical Test
  4. Metallurgical Testing
  5. Ultrasonic Testing
    • Crack can be detected by ultrasonic test
  6. Magnetic Particle inspection (MPE)
  7. LPT : Liquid Penetration Test
  8. Hydro Test
  9. Heat Treatment