We can offer a complete range of Manifold systems for drilling and production applications.

  • Incorporate gate valves, check valves, chokes and actuators depending on the application and customer requirement
  • Mounted for ease of transport and height adjustment
  • Meet or exceed API 6A and 16C
  • Remote control operation available
  • Various control panel options are available to control kick and blowout
  • Working pressures :
    2M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M (PSI)
  • Main nominal sizes :
    2-1/16, 2-9/16, 3-1/8, 3-1/16, 4- 1/16 (Inches)
  • Types of Manifolds :
  • Choke & Kill, Cement & Standpipe





In oil and gas production a choke manifold is used to lower the pressure from the well head. It consist of a set of high pressure valves and at least two chokes. These chokes can be fixed or adjustable or a mix of both. The redundancy is needed so that if one choke has to be taken out of service, the flow can be directed through another one. By lowering pressure the retrieved gases can be flared off on site.

Choke manifold consist of choke valves, gate valves, line pipe, fittings, pressure gauge and other components.

Kill manifold is necessary equipment in well control system to pump drilling fluid into well or inject water into well head. It consists of check valves, gate valves, pressure gauges and line pipe.